Forestry schools in practice
eTwinning project

website developed in cooperation

This project is launched to encourage an echange of practical experiences between two forestry schools. 

Each school developes its ordinary practical work and, through eTwinning programme, an idea-sharing is done in order to learn and understand different aprouches or points of view in the forest education. 

The objectives are:

  • To encourage greater communication and cooperation between the forest schools, and explore, using good practice experiences, how forest management objectives can effectively work together in practice.
  • To achieve the Forest management knowledge and the communities, habitats, ecosystems that exist in a different region.
  • To motivate scheduled students to be raised the European viewer, or at least their attention in other languages
  •  To make possible in the near future a next European programme or exchange with the colleague school.


April  – June 2016

The routine:

Each week the ordinary practical work which is developed in each College will be worked by the students (vídeo, chat, article, etc) in order to be share with the other students. The initiative should be readily understandeble to other students in order to encourage their participation in this implementation. The idea is to achieve a feedback os a symbiosis.

To start each College make a presentation of their instalation and their students can introduce theirselft. 

 Expected results:

  • To stablish a link between the schools.
  • To know how is the forest practical work in another forest school.
  • To improve international actions in the school.
  • To encourage languages and be aware of that we belong to European Union.
  • To create a project web site both teams jointly

Spain - Latvia